Monday, May 21, 2007

Squirrels and Morels

The other day I saw a black squirrel. I assumed it was a melanistic gray, but it was much smaller more to the size of a red squirrel. has anyone ever heard of a black red squirrel? Can the red squirrel produce black offspring? If you have any thoughts or particular knowledge of this situation please let us know.

On another subject the morels are in full swing. After this evening's rain I expect there will be more. Here are two sites that not only feature morels but also have a bit more on phenology at the same time.  Thanks to Patrick Harvey for these sites.

Hope you are finding your fair share.


waywardrahn said...

We have black squirrels at our cabin between brainerd and Nisswa. They are a bit smaller then the greys, and one of them even has a strawberry blond tail.I looked up black squirrels on google, and it says that they are from grey families. Little falls have had blacks for years, and they seem to be moving north.

Shawn Conrad said...

Where d'ja get the morels???

Just kidding!

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