Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The owl and the nuthatch

This photo was taken by Chris and Pete Friedlieb. It is so seldom that we see a barred owl and then to see one under the scrutiny of a red breasted nuthatch is very rare. The nuthatch is not in any danger, the comparison might be likened to a Boeing 747 and an F-22 fighter plane. The owl would have no chance of catching the nuthatch. Winter is a good time to look for both of these birds, especially if you have feeders. The nuthatch will come for the seeds and the owl will come for the mice and voles, who show up for the spilled seeds.


Anonymous said...

What a phenomenal sight and amazing picture! Great candidate for the 2009 Phenology Calendar.

Barbara from Aitkin

Lisa Langell said...

I just wanted you to know that someone from a facebook page called "Owl Loveeeers" has hijacked your photo of the Barred Owl and Nuthatch---and rebranded it as their own. This is happening to many photographers on this page and I thought you'd like to be aware of it, too. (I found your image via google search and thus located you.)

By the way--beautiful image!